We offer full service market research services, including qualitative and quantitative methodologies -  from design through analysis and reporting, with extensive experience across both consumer and B2B audiences. Analytics is one of our sweet spots -  used extensively for generating insights on market research studies, and on analytical engagements involving behavioral, transaction, financial data.

Our differentiation is that you get to work directly with our most senior people, who spend their time thinking about and collaborating with you on your engagements, who draw on years of experience in market research, analytics, and managing and running companies, to provide actionable insights that address your business objectives.

​The Noise Doctors are experts in using market research and analytics to derive insights that inform your Product, Marketing, Sales, and Finance decisions. Our name is a play on signal detection theory… finding the signal in the noise, which is what we view as our mission – identifying critical insights in fast-moving and challenging arenas, often through the lens of noisy data.